Nine Decades of Hollywood History

To appreciate our past is to value our future. The Commodore of Hollywood opened in 1927, as the movie industry took root in Los Angeles, and Hollywood came to symbolize opportunity, glamour, and the good life. Designed as a 1920’s Mediterranean Revival style Apartment-Hotel, the building was developed through the prolific design-build partnership between architectural designer L.A. Smith and contractor Samuel F. Bard & Company.

The Commodore of Hollywood has been home to countless celebrities as they launched their careers to become legendary entertainment figures including the prolific Robert Vaughn, Clara Blandick, Aubrey Hen. Scotto, Addie McPhail, Ernest (Ernie) Adams, William Edmunds, Matthew Boulton. The building later continued to be a favorite hangout for Hollywood stars and musicians, including the legendary rock band KISS, who adored the building’s rich history, architectural detail, and supreme location.

Debuting this spring, Los Angeles-based Wilshire Skyline is proud to present a reimagination of this landmark building, beautifully restored and modernized by award- winning, Jonathan Watts of Killefer Flammang Architects, allowing residents and guests alike to revel in the grandeur of 1920’s design with a modern day twist and amenities.

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